Social Media Marketing for your Dealership

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Social media marketing is important for your Dealership! For the past four years, we have serviced London’s largest Suzuki motorcycle franchise dealership. Because they implemented our easy-to-follow digital marketing campaign, our client was able to achieve an astonishing 601,000 post engagements, 347 finance leads generated and over 900,000 video views in just 10 months. You might be wondering if social media marketing is actually worth it. The answer is simple: YES! Especially in 2020!


The importance of Post Engagements & Page Followers on Facebook:

We are constantly asked why social media marketing is worth it. The best way to answer this question is by understanding the user experience. Our experience shows us that page followers are split into three groups: Admirers, Prospective Buyers and Previous Customers. Each group provides your page with different responses such as likes, comments, shares and website traffic. Consequently, the quality of these followers will provide you consistent sales or footfall to your local showroom. Therefore, all three groups provide you with a higher ranking on Facebook and Google. It will also give skeptical people a piece of mind. Numbers are important when it comes to social media.


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For example:

This post is a great example of how important social media marketing is. This was created a year ago when Suzuki released the new 2018 colour scheme GSX-R1000R. We gathered data about the product to create an effective campaign. We went to the dealership and put together an add-on package that included products that consumers would normally purchase down the line.

This post received 913 post likes, 133 comments & 72 shares. The value for the dealer is the comments because they indicate a higher quality of engagement. As part of our service we were able to secure six finance leads which resulted in a turnover of over £47,000 in motorcycles and accessories sold. Because we achieved engagement that resulted in purchases, we were able to create a “look-a-like-audience” on Facebook to find other people to help boost engagement and conversions. Read this to find out more about look-a-like-audiences on Facebook!


How can you use social media marketing for your dealership?


Time needed: 25 minutes.

Now that we understand the importance of creating engaging posts on Facebook, how do we do it? Here is a quick example on how we create engaging posts for our clients. If you would like more help our need someone to walk you through step by step, feel free to contact us!

  1. Think about what your customer base finds engaging:

    This is a simple but powerful first step. As a business owner, you know your customers and industry the best. It’s good to understand some basic metrics to get a better understanding of your core audience. Age, gender and location will help you decide what content to post.

    Think about relevant, industry-related news. For example, we used the MotoGP, manufacturer announcements and news, local, or even international laws about motorcycles.

  2. Ask questions when creating your post description for maximum engagement:

    Our research shows that asking questions on your Facebook posts will achieve a higher level of engagement. This makes your followers feel more involved with your brand. Facebook sees comments above four words as a high value engagement. As a result, this helps relevant users to see your post in their newsfeeds. This is Facebooks initiative to improve user experience by showing content that they actually like. Have a look at this post:

  3. Keep the 🔥going!

    It’s important to keep the post engaging, especially for the first hour. The best way to achieve this is to share the post on your personal profiles but more importantly replying to comments as soon as they come in. For example, in the example above, 233 comments started but a total of 576 comments that include replays. I always recommend my clients to download the Facebook Pages Manager App which is available on the AppStore & Google Play. This helps you get notifications to your mobile phone, it can also handle multiple Business Pages on the fly.

  4. Bonus step

    Lastly, post-scheduling is important. This is to ensure that you are posting at a time when your target audience is active on Facebook. This will help you reach as many users as possible. If you have Business Manager you can see when the best posting times are.



Let’s see what we can do for you & your business:

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