Current Opportunities

Come join our team. We are a new vibrant marketing agency looking for talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

We believe the most valuable asset any company has are its employees. We are constantly searching for talented individuals who have a hunger and a longing for professional success. Personalities that shine, stand out, get things done and become an integral part of a team.

Passion, ability and desire are just some of outstanding qualities we are searching for, but empathy, understanding and leadership are also valuable skills we admire and want to promote.


Open Positions

Regional Sales Executive

You will be assigned an industry sector within your region and your role will be to build relationships with industry leaders/clients to promote Easy Media Solution services and acquire the business.

Freelance Account Executive

It’s not what you know that matters but who you know! This opportunity is perfect if you are aware of a business that would benefit from our services. A win, win scenario all round. You earn a commission-based finder’s fee that will truly reward you for your efforts, your introductions will receive a truly professional marketing service that will increase their sales/branding/engagements, & more and your reputation within your industry will strengthen even further. Happy Days all round!

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We are fully committed and focused on the development of your business,
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