Free Web Analysis


Why do you need to understand your Website Performance?

In today’s fast paced technology world your customers expect speed and accuracy. You might have the best-looking website with the most beautiful photography and most informative video, but if your website is suffering from slow speed and high bounce rate then all your investment is put at risk.

To help diagnose the route cause of potential problems with your website, use our FREE web analysis Report.

What testing, will our FREE report analyse.

Rapid interaction with clients

Functional Testing

Is your Website developed as to your specific functional requirements?

Graphical Testing

Does your site represent the image or feel your target audience will engage with?

Security Testing

Has your website got the correct security credentials and is it protected from threats?

Database Testing

Is your Website collecting and storing customer data accurately?

Cross Browser Testing

Is your Website compatible on different platforms such as chrome/safari/Explorer/Siri?

Performance Testing

Has your website got any loading issues and image rendering problems?
Generating increased revenue

Usability Testing

Are all you links pointing in the correct destination? Are your menus correct?
Rapid interaction with clients

Crowd Testing

The final phase in identifying bugs or errors. The final functionality test.

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