The benefits of an Online Shop that you need to know about.

The benefits of an Online Shop that you need to know about.

The benefits of an Online Shop that you need to know about.

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Imagine a world where you are available and open to deal with customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Indeed, no off days, no bank holidays, and in actual fact all of this whilst you sleep. Well, imagine no more. Today’s online shops are amazing pieces of software that enable you to achieve all of this and more.

"Even if you have an Online Shop. Maybe you need an upgrade."

Bellow we have compiled a small list of reasons that should surely demonstrate to you that if you don’t have an online shop, you need one. And, if you currently have an online shop maybe you need to upgrade it and bring it into the new modern era.

So, just like your customers who browse across your online shop catalogue. Sit back, take your time in reading the sections bellow. However, should you have further questions or would to talk to us about your current online shop. Or maybe are thinking about building a new one, don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today.

In today’s global market place, you need to be able to reach your customers, quickly and efficiently. Indeed, if you don’t, your competitors will. Therefore, you have to adapt to new technologies, and more importantly new strategies. In fact, Online shopping still continues to show signs of growth with 26.6 % of all UK retail sales as of May 2022.

However, the most important reason is that with your online shop you will be able to reach new customers from all over the world, sell a higher number of products and build on even more loyal customers. But all this can only take place if you set up your online shop correctly and have a clear strategy that is able to deliver and the technology to back it up.

An Online Shop Will Increased Customer Reach

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Make your online shop presence easy to find. Indeed it is highly likely there are customers searching for your shop right now. Want to know more about How we can help you? click here for More Info

With an Online Shop, Your Overall Cost Savings Will Increase.

graphic showing the word COSTS coming out of it

If done correctly your online shop could cut costs and increase profits. Want to know more send us a message for informal explanation.

Obviously one of the first thoughts that most people have is that if they had an online shop, they will have fewer operating costs. Yet whilst this can and can’t be true, because with an online shop you are not paying for any physical ground rent or even business rates. You still have certain operating costs to deal with. Such as:

• Webserver cost
• Website build costs
• Advertising costs
• Shipping costs
• Costs dealing with online returns
• Photography and graphics
• Product storage costs

"Your unit operational cost price will ultimately be reduced."

So, as you see, an online shop can save you money on the overhead costs associated with having a physical store, such as rent and utilities. However, you can never eliminate costs completely. Furthermore, it is important to mention that for most businesses an online shop is an addition to their already existing business. And it might be that they are taking on a new operational cost that they did have previously.

This rings true in most cases. Especially as the general public becomes more and more computer literate. Indeed, with the ability to press a few buttons and receive your purchase within a day or two, it has never been easier to buy online. In fact, depending on your industry or service sector it is almost impossible to imagine yourself without an online shop, being able to sell products or even book appointments.

"It has never been easier to use an online shop on a mobile."

Moreover, we expect the ease in which people purchase online to become simpler, faster and even more reliable. Especially when we think about the developments of mobile phone technology. In fact, the access that customers have to modern smart phones and the reliability of online payment suppliers such as Stripe and PayPal. Will only encourage more buyers to experiment with and convert to buying products on their mobiles. Be it via fully responsive website or even mobile apps which can actually hold purchase details off line and autonomously communicate the purchase to you when the device comes back online.

Mobile technology is becoming ever more affordable and easier to use.

photo of a womans pair of hands using a mobile phone

Mobile shopping apps are the future. Over 50% of shoppers prefer shopping on mobile apps rather than mobile or desktop websites. Want to know more about How we can help you? click here for More Info

Increased Your Visibility and Authority.

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If you want people to buy from your online store you need to show credibility. In fact, you need to build confidence in your customer and show them that you are a leader in your industry click to view Online Shop

An online shop can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving your business greater visibility and access to, not only new potential customers. But even new markets located in areas that not too long ago you thought were completely unaccessible.

Furthermore, the presence of a modern, well-designed online shop can even increase your ability to negotiate with and gain new suppliers. Indeed, the ability to impress a new supplier with a well-designed and effective sales medium will only reassure your new supplier of your high level of professional standards. Not to mention, that gaining you as a customer is a great opportunity. One that they will not want to miss out on as you could easily offer your online shop to a competitor.

An online shop can help streamline your business operations, resulting in improved efficiency and better customer service. Indeed, if done correctly many of the operations needed for a successful online sale can in actual fact be automated. Meaning that your level of efficiency will greatly improve. Especially when you compare online shop sales against a physical retail shop sales. Moreover, this greater efficiency also means that you will have more time to dedicate to business growth. Additionally, if you get a good working system in place you may even find yourself being less stressful and enjoying work more.

"The key is to automate a working system which increases productivity."

However, one of the main advantages of an online shop is the ability to control and manipulate your working day. Undeniably, having the freedom to decide when you will complete the order, pack and ship the items, answer or call the supplier/customer back is a huge help in your day to day working life. In fact, you could even incorporate a system of work along side you retail shop allowing to really expand and maximise your time value.

Improved Efficiency and Availability

graphic showing positives of efficiency

Becoming more efficient and cost-effective will definitely increase the quality of your service and the purchase experience of your customers.

In Conclusion, the ability to sell online is not an option for the modern business owner. Today you have to adapt and be ready for any eventuality. Even Pandemics. In fact, for those who had efficient online shops selling their products had a huge advantage over those who hadn’t. So, if there is a lesson to take away from this experience is that:

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Having an online shop is a must-have tool in your business toolbox. However, like all things it needs to be executed with a well-thought-out plan and a comparable budget. We say this because having the shop up a running is just a step in the right direction. After this, we have to consider marketing, advertising, customer service, and invoicing.

If you need help or you would like to find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Either via the international phone numbers available or simply fill in our FREE CONSULTATION form and we will be very happy to have an informal chat with you about what, or how we could help you. <br><br>

So Good luck, stay strong, stay positive, and most importantly believe.

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